1. Registrations - Poption

Poption has an event posting module (link to Poption), used for both physical and digital events.

When you create an event posting, you define which fields the candidates must fill out when registering. Name and contact information is always mandatory. Next you can chose to include the following, and also whether they are mandatory or optional:

  • Academic results [PDF, Vitnemålsportalen (NOR), or LADOK (SWE)]

  • High school grade transcripts [PDF]

  • CV

  • Cover letter

If you want a low-barrier event, we recommend including CV, and making it optional. 

Then you can add Custom question allowing candidates to enter whichever information you want This can also be used for a more low-effort cover letter/application. For webinars we recommend adding a custom question where candidates can pre-enter their questions, like "What is it like being new at your company?" or "What is the interview process like?". That way you can also use those questions to structure the presentation and spark more questions.

Additionally you write an event description, define a contact person, form an email that is automatically sent to those who register from the contact person, set a registration deadline, and decide which colleagues can access the event and the candidates.

2. Marketing - Poption, social media, career page, campus hosts, colleagues' network+

When you have created the event posting, you have two links you can use. One directing to the description with a button to see the registration form, and one directing to the registration form. 

Here is an example (it's a job posting, but the links work the same way):

Description: https://www.poption.com/companies/sprint/postings/0gYfvw

Registration form: https://www.poption.com/companies/sprint/postings/0gYfvw/apply

Then you would use whichever link suitable to share through different channels, depending on whether you consider it relevant for the candidate to view the description first or not.

You should also use the candidates already in your candidate pool in Poption, for instance filtering out different graduation years or fields of study, if relevant.

As candidates register, they will appear in Poption. There you can view who has registered, and questions they have sent you. You can also export this list to excel.

3. Webinar & Q&A - Zoom or other

Ahead of the event you would create the desired event type in Zoom or your preferred webinar service. We recommend Zoom, and have clients that have used them for their digital events. They offer interactive webinars, including: "Q&A and polling: Manage and share audience input in Q&A dialog box where attendees ask questions with live or text answers."

The link for this webinar can then easily be sent to all registered candidates in an email directly from Poption. That way the email will also be visible on the candidates' timeline to signed-in employees for future reference.

4. Follow-up - Poption

After the event you can share relevant content with candidates, e.g., links to your job postings and career page. That way, if a candidate applies for a job (whether you use Poption as your ATS or not), you'll have a more complete overview of their previous interactions with your company.

We are happy to advice you in your planning of the event. Please reach out at support@poption.com or through Intercom.

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